It is my pleasure to welcome you to Varsity Institute of Science and Technology, the cradle of higher education in South Africa. We provide full time and part-time courses of instruction and training in Engineering Studies, Management & Humanities, Computer Science & Information Technology, Media Studies, Matric Re-write and special classes for Mathematics and Sciences and in such other fields of applied learning relevant to the needs of the development of South Africa in the areas of industrial development and adaptation of techniques.

VISTECH as the college is popularly called, is structured into Four faculties and minimum of thirty academic departments which cut across the Nated certificates (N1 to N6), linking you to trade test, learnership, internship and National Diploma (ND) Levels. The college also offers certificate courses such as ‘’short courses”. All examinations are National Examinations, set and administrated by the Department of Higher Education and Training. Certificates and Diplomas are conferred by the Department of Higher Education and Training. The 21st century poses many challenges to all human endeavours.

Institutions of higher learning, particularly technology-oriented institutions, are faced with the challenges of meeting the human resource need of this age of technological explosion. Thus, Varsity Institute of Science and Technology has found it necessary to re-position itself to meet these challenges. In this regard, it is our abiding vision to be the leading higher institution in South Africa, in providing first rate academic, professional and entrepreneurial education for the purpose of making a positive impact in the technological and socio-economic development of the country.

Towards the actualization of this, the college has set for itself, the mission of producing knowledgeable and innovative graduates, worthy in skill and character through effective teaching and research for technological advancement of South Africa. From inception to date, VISTECH will continue to providing enabling environment for the achievement of academic excellence. The lecture rooms, link to learnership, practical internship and Sporting activities are also provided and students are encouraged to participate in sports, which is a positive way of

channelling youthful energy.

In acceptance of the pivotal role that higher education plays in national development, Varsity Institute of Science and Technology has embarked on a number of far-reaching initiatives designed to enhance the realization of its vision in the context of current and future needs of South Africa. It is expected that these and other activities shall sustain VISTECH as a leader in tertiary education in South Africa in the years to come. I congratulate you for making the right choice to studying at Varsity Institute of Science & Technology. Once again, I welcome you to VISTECH and I hope you will enjoy your stay at VISTECH. 


It’s Time To Build A Dream: “A World Class Institution”.

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