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Every gift to Vistech impacts our students - energizing campus, supporting close student-faculty collaborations, promoting leadership development, providing study-abroad opportunities and preparing students for life after college.

Vistech Institute of Science and Technology


VISTECH is a private accredited institution by QCTO (Quality Council for Trades and Occupations), a registered examination Centre by Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), UMALUSI Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training, MICT-SETA and also a member of Association of private provider of education training and development (APPETD). The institution was founded in August 2014 and started its operations in January 2016 after its accreditations and registrations in 2015. Vistech is offering a national qualification under the department of higher education and training (DHET) i.e. from national certificate to national Nated diploma in FET College. Our programs run in the following faculties:

1. Engineering Studies
2. Management & Humanities Science
3. Information Technology (IT)
4. Media Studies
5. Artisans Studies
6. ICB Programms

Over the periods, Vistech has witnessed a large number of students seeking for bursaries in order to obtain tertiary qualification for a better life. These numbers have extremely increased and more students could not register to study due to lack of fund. Moreso, a large number of students that enrol for tertiary education drop out before the commencement and completion of the programs of which finance is the major cause. In addition, Vistech has supported more than 300 students by introducing the fees subsidy that cost the institution over two million Rand (R2,000,000) in order to educate the less privilege that cannot afford the cost of education in our society. Vistech has also given out 100% full bursaries to more than six students studying at Vistech for their National Diploma.

“Let’s make the dream a reality”

Contributions of any amount can be made to existing endowed funds. Many existing endowed funds are named for loved ones and provide a way to honor ormemorialize those who mean so much. To contribute to an existing fund.


Vistech will continue to providing support and contribute positively to the community for the development of human capacity and growth. We hereby need a minimum of 70,000 people from government and private organisations and also individuals who can donate a minimum of R2000 to build a campus (UNIVERSITY & TVET COLLEGE) with a minimum capacity of 50,000 students that will affordably accommodate the poor and the rich. This project will educate our South African citizen and create more jobs. Vistech have key into the millennium goal of our Government. Please kindly donate to this project.

Giving impacts virtually every program at Vistech. Put simply, it helps every student every day. Through the Vistech Fund, everyone in the Vistech family can play a tranformative part in the life of the College and Vistech students. You can be the key to unlimited possibilities for our students. Every gift, regardless of the size, matters. Thank you for your support.


Bank Name: Standard Bank

Account Name: Vistech

Account Number: 420992987

Branch Name: Sandton

Branch Code: 01920


4th Floor, 77 de Korte Street,

Cnr de Beer, Braamfontein,

Johannesburg, South Africa.

Tel: +27 (0)11 339 1208, +27 (0)11 339 1397, +27 (0)73 321 4138


Varsity Institute of Science & Technology is accredited with: