Vistech skills and training programme

Thanks to our unmatched methodology Vistech training delivers industry-first accredited skills programs at our world-class training facility/ Campus for the Community, unemployed learners and disabled learners.

We also deliver training for your employees to ensure maximum productivity is achieved by your employees during the skills development program.

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Today, unemployed and employed, disabled and able-bodied persons in all industries are actively benefiting and contributing to society thanks to our training Program

Our platform connects companies with interested candidate to trained

Enjoy our state-of-the art training facilities

Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that you, your learners and staff are being trained by our qualified lecturers that are committed to education, transformation and making a difference. learnerships are conducted in a simulated and controlled environment, and the skills acquired can be adapted to any industry.

•Our Skills Development simulator offers hassle-free skills programs in a controlled environment
•Qualifications generic to all industries – NQF Level 1 to 6
•Complete Training Authority Liaison on behalf of the client
•Training Authority Letter of intent Submissions
•Skills Program Agreements and Enrolments
•Close Out Reports and Exiting of Learners
•Co-Ordination for Statements of Results and Qualification Certification


We offer skills development training with excellent.

Our Training’s accredited campus/facility aims to revolutionize the teaching and training by providing access to information in a blended learning environment, which combines traditional classroom methods and experiential learning through practical sessions. Our courses are designed with different learning needs in mind and aim to equip students with much needed knowledge and competencies that can be used to bridge the existing skills gaps in any industries of Choice.

Our qualifications give students the opportunity to develop in-depth skills and experience that are widely recognized across various industries. Our coursework is being developed to the highest standards in collaboration with relevant subject matter experts. Every module is crafted to save course facilitators, course consultants and student’s time and effort and to make teaching and learning easier.


VISTECH Skills Development and Corporate Trainings (1)
VISTECH Skills Development and Corporate Trainings (5)
VISTECH Skills Development and Corporate Trainings (7)
Our Qualifications

What you can study

• Civil Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering

• Technical Support
• Systems Development
• End User Computing
• Programming
• N+ Networking
• Web & Graphic Design and Animation
• Telecommunication Network Operations
• Broadcasting Engineering
• Business Management
• Financial Management
• Marketing Management
• Human Resource Management
• Public Management
• Film and Television production operations
• Journalism
• Public Relations
• Legal Secretary
• Supply Chain Technology
• Purchasing Store Management
• Purchasing Management
• Logistics Management
• Freight Forwarding
• Plumbing
• Bricklaying and Plastering
• Carpentry and Roofing
• Boiler Making & Welding
• Diesel/ Motor Mechanics
• Electrical Trade
• Radio and Television Repairs
• Water Treatment
• ICB Financial Accounting
• ICB Public Sector Accounting
• ICB Business Management
• ICB Entrepreneurship
• ICB Office Administration