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About Vistech Bursary

Welcome to VISTECH bursary page with the most comprehensive list of bursaries in South Africa, updated regularly. Our goal is to find as many bursary opportunities as possible throughout South Africa, and publish it all on one platform, to make them easily accessible for students. If you are looking to start or continue your tertiary studies but lack the funding to do so, bursaries could be the right option.

If you are looking to further your studies but lack the funding to do so, and you have a strong academic history which you have maintained throughout the year, you may be eligible to apply for a bursary. Bursaries are awarded to students currently in Matric or have completed Matric and who will be studying in our Institution, as well as current tertiary student who cannot afford to continue paying for their studies.

Purpose of Bursaries

The purpose of bursaries is to provide the accessibility, affordability and qualitative (AAQ) education for most people that are willing to take up the opportunity of developing their careers and skills for a better future.

As we do know that education especially in the private sector is very expensive but bursary initiative will subsidize and grant people the opportunities to study more especially the “low income and unemployed categories”.

Our Motivation

Over the periods, VISTECH has witnessed a large number of students seeking for bursaries in order to obtain tertiary qualification for a better life.

These numbers have extremely increased and more students could not register to study due to lack of fund. More so, a large number of students that enrol for tertiary education drop out before the commencement and completion of the programs.
For Example:

  • Students leaving with grandparents depending on a low pension income will drop out before the completion of the program looking at the economic situation of the present
  • Students all over the nation protesting against fees “fees must fall”, due to lack of funds to finance their Education.

How to Apply for Bursaries in South Africa?

Find your favourite bursaries and get the benefits

Engineering Bursaries
185 Available
Education Bursaries
300 Available
Management Bursaries
250 Available
Construction Bursaries
750 Available
Information Technology Bursaries
900 Available
Government Bursaries
312 Available

New Things Will Always
Update Regularly